Bill to Credit Card

Billing customers on their phone bill are in the days of the past. Effective June 30, 2013, all phone companies stopped offering 900 number pay per call programs in the United States.

Bill Per Call offers an 800 bill directly to the customer’s credit card, minimizing hassle and allowing a wide range of acceptable payment options.

Benefits of our Bill Per Call system include:

Increased Profits: Callers are more likely to utilize a phone service when it can charge their Credit or Debit card. We accept all major credit or debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and DIscover) and PayPal.

No Restricted Access: Callers can use any landline or cell phone to make their calls. With mobile technology in everyone’s pocket, customers are seeking convenient ways of taking care of business from wherever they are.

Low Instances of Chargebacks: Credit Card security is at an all time high, Bill Per Call has not had to issue refunds due to fraudulent activity.

Positive Brand Image: 800 Numbers are associated with professional businesses, whereas 900 numbers have a longstanding negative history. Build a strong brand image around your unique 800 number.

Fully Featured Control Panel: Keep track of all calls and transactions through our proprietary control panel. Set hours of operation, pricing and forwarding numbers easily.

Customized Audio: Record or upload unique voice clips using our control panel for a personalized approach to your phone service.

Set Your Rates: Charge* up to $50 flat rate per call and/or up to $10 per minute.
* Payouts are issued by direct deposit 25 days following the completion of the calendar month.


If you’re ready to embark on owning your own IVR system, then BillPerCall UNLIMITED is for you. Launch your business from your own domain with a customized website without the need to learn programming or phone systems.

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Setup Fee: $2,500

$200 Monthly Maintenance

BillPerCall Professional

Want to manage a professional advice line without a hefty investment? The BillPerCall Professional is for you. Get a unique 800 number, up to 10 extensions, and be able to take up to 90 calls at once. No programming necessary!

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Setup Fee: $300

$40 Monthly Maintenance

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